Azure CheatSheet

Table of Contents

Subscriptions/Services relationship

  • Start with Organizations (ex: your company)
  • An organization can have multiple subscriptions
  • A subscription can have multiple licenses
  • Licenses can be assigned to individual user accounts
  • User accounts can be stored in AAD (Azure Active Directory) tenant.

PaaS Hierarchy


Enrollments -> Subscriptions -> ASE -> ASP

  • ASE = App Service Environment
  • ASP = App Service Plan
  • Subscription can have many VNETS (1 to many)
  • VNETS can have multiple subnets

App Service Plang

  • Contains Apps (WebApp/Function App)
  • Can have multiple instances


  • ACME company wants to use Azure PaaS
  • Signup for an Azure PaaS service
  • Create an Enrollment
  • Enrollments can have departments (ex: IT Dept)
  • Departments have accounts (for billing purposes)
  • Accounts have subscriptions (e.g. prod/non-prod)

Function Apps

There are two ways to deploy function apps

  1. Consumption based ASP (color=green on Azure portal) Billing is Fixed Fee ( $0) + Variable Costs ($x/seconds?) Execution time limited to 10 mins max (If > 10mins should be a webjob anyways)
  2. Standard ASP (color=blue on Azure portal) Billing = Fixed Fee (Not $0) + Variable